Quadra Ecommerce Backend Platform Quadra Marketplace — Pricing

Quadra Marketplace provides tools and services to locate, design, and sell unique products, and to fulfill the orders for those products.

Free Usage of the App

Store users are able to install the Quadra Marketplace app and use all of the included features for free. An unlimited number of products can be created by the store user and published to their online store. No costs/fees are incurred by the store for the creation and publishing of products to their online store.

Product and Shipping Costs

Per-unit product and shipping costs are clearly presented to the store user during the product creation process. The product and shipping costs that are presented to the store user are the only costs/fees associated with the usage of the Quadra Marketplace app. There are no subscription fees.

Once a product has been published to an online store, it will become available for purchase by a customer of the store. Upon completion of an order by a customer, the store must pay the associated product and shipping costs for the total quantity purchased of each Quadra Marketplace product before the product will be processed for production and fulfillment to the customer. Depending upon the settings of the store, these costs will either be automatically charged to the card on file, or they will be charged to the card on file upon the manual review and approval of the order by a store user.

A history of all costs/fees is available at any time within the app.

Contact Us

For more information about our pricing, please contact us by e-mail at sellers@goquadra.com